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A Brief History of the Wedding Dress
Once you have decided to settle down and to celebrate your wedding, there are lots of things you need to do and prepare. From the selection of the location, foods, wedding cake, giveaways and even up to hiring your photographer, you need to ensure that everything is well-planned. But aside from the usual tasks you need to do in order to make your wedding perfect, it is also important that you know unusual information that most brides are not aware of. One of which is the history of wedding dress. Perhaps, it will not hurt you once you spend a couple of minutes knowing the brief history of the wedding dress.

Before Queen Victoria's era specifically during the 1840s, brides were accustomed to wearing their best dress if they are about to celebrate their wedding. During this time, there was no standard colour required. Brides were just aware that they should wear their best during this once in a lifetime event in their life. However, when Queen Victoria got married to Albert of Saxe-Coburg, she chose white dress for her ceremony instead of the royal silver used by blue-blooded icons. Because of this, white dress has become the standard in celebrating this event in the whole world. In fact, the decision of Queen Victoria to choose white wedding dresses uk has influenced other people in different counties.

However, there are also new trends that have appeared in the recent years. There are also some brides who chose to wear other colours such as blue, red, pink, yellow and even black. This is different from the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress. During the time of the Industrial Revolution, there were lots of department stores that have introduced different cuts of wedding gowns in most wedding stores. This was the time when women wore short wedding dresses with different colors and styles. Even now, this is still being done by many brides.

As of now, though there are still lots of brides who stick with the usual tradition of wearing white, society is already open in terms of using different colors for wedding gowns. As mentioned, there are various selections you can find in the market perfectly matched to what you really want. In fact, there are already brides wearing tuxedos in their wedding. This is also a new trend which is becoming more and more popular these days. Still, the option is based on the preference of the bride.

If you want to know the history wedding dresses uk wedding prom dresses uk the key points presented in this article are the ones you need to remember. Because of time advancement, you can already have the option to choose whatever kind, color and style of wedding dress you want to wear. Keep in mind that even if there are already lots of variations present in the market, the real essence of wedding is on how determined you are in starting a new family and a new life.

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